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How to Listen to Other Peoples Cell Phone Conversations

The Best Mobile Phone Apps For Workaholics

Mobile phone apps are not designed for teenagers and their fun only. Today, there are so many useful and handy applications. If you are busy, and love to work, you know how hard it can be to memorize all important things during one business day or week. You will be delighted to learn that you can find some great mobile phone apps ideal for workaholics.

  1. Business calendar – As a business person, a great place to start is downloading this particular application. It is a complete calendar synchronized with other Google calendars. It has graphical and text display, simple search, and you can easily switch from periods and important events in the month view.
  2. Phone Spy Applications – There are quite a number of mobile spy software. From the mobile spy app reviews obtainable, this can be said to be one of a kind as it combines tracking with control that can be used to reduce the stress of having to closely monitor your employees. Closely related to the above is the mspy. The reviews of mspy can be gotten from mujaan.com. The mspy reviews here is really indepth and will also go a long way in getting you informed about the software.
  3. Fuze meeting –This mobile phone app is definitely a good choice for business people because you will be able to cooperate with others easily. Using this application allows business partners to share information or any content from any device and from anywhere in the world.
  4. Dropbox – If you need to access to some very important files and data stored in your virtual storage, this application is something you must download and install on your device. It is really simple to use, and all those important files will be just click or two away from you.
  5. Quickoffice – This is powerful software that can be a good alternative to MS Office in a laptop computer. For every usual Office task, you will find this application coming handy, especially if you need something urgently!
  6. Taskos – There are a bunch of different apps that allow you to capture notes, but you will see that it is very hard to find some really effective ones. Luckily, Taskos is exactly what you need! It looks great and can be synchronized with Google Tasks. This application can record notes, and it is even possible to use voice commands, but only in English for now. With this really useful application, a secretary is almost not needed.
  7. LinkedIn – With this application, you will be able to stay connected to your business profile, and always be in touch with your co-workers and business partners. You can send event invitations, read other profiles and send e-mails to your contacts. One of today’s rules is that if you are not on LinkedIn, you are not in the business world at all.
  8. WorldCard – This application will use all advantages of camera on smartphones, and it will capture an image of business card and automatically add the text to your contact list with all important information from the same. With this application, you won’t use old time planner because all of your contacts will be in one place neatly sorted.

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